Peaceful Family Communication Workshop, 7th & 14th of September 2014 on Waiheke Island

The Peace Foundation is back on Waiheke Island! The training this year will be held on the 7th an 14th of September, from 9am till 5pm. The venue is the staffroom at Waiheke Primary School, the training is open to all parents, caregivers, teachers, grandparents in the Waiheke Community.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about and practice proven skills that can transform the communication within your family. This is a fantastic 15 hour training at a minimum cost, only $20 dollar for both Sundays.

The ‘Peaceful Family Communication’ is a skills-based workshop for adults, including – parents, grandparents, would-be parents, teachers and caregivers – who want to create more peace, love and respect within their family and wider community.

How your family will benefit:

  • Your children will feel free to discuss their problems and concerns instead of withdrawing.
  • They will learn self-discipline, self-control and an inner sense of personal responsibility.
  • You will learn how to work with each other instead of against each other.
  • You’ll experience fewer angry outbursts and more problem solving.
  • You will have fewer power struggles, less tension, less resentment, more fun.
  • You will learn how to build rapport and create loving and connected relationships.

When people use the skills, they are amazed with the dramatic improvement – both in their families and relationships. They are not only better equipped to get their own needs met, but also to support their children to grow into healthy, confident youths and adults with increased self-esteem. It is a 15-hour workshop that can be offered over two full days or weekly sessions arranged to suit community needs. Schools/organisations can host the venue and invite their parent/teacher community.

Booking Enquiry Form

Forms for download

Adult Registration Form

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